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Han All Eyelash Serum

$15.00 USD $18.00

Make your weak eyelashes stronger and clearer!  It is a hypoallergenic product by getting score 0 in allergic test.

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· Make your weak eyelashes stronger and clearer.
· Even if you apply it every day, it doesn't make your eyes hurt.
· Waterbased without stickiness of eyes.
· Nutrition supply: Highly nutritious peptide makes eyelashes stronger and abundant. It activates Keratin, the hair protein, to effectively have eyelashes stronger.
· Hold nutrition: It's included a patent ingredient called hyalonbale. It makes eyelashes glossy for a long time.

Suggested Use

After sweeping the entire eyelash with a brush, close your eyes and apply it on the front and back of your eyes with a stick.