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Bare Water Cushion

Are you really Moist?

A clear, hydrating glow cushion is coming soon!

#BareWaterCushion #ChokChokCushion

Perfect hydrating cushion for glass skin🫧
Nourishing the skin with 70% gel based essece.


Coming soon in Jan!



Comment down below what you expect from our new Vegan Bare Water Cushion!

20 people who show the most excitement comments get one Full size Bare Water Cushion.

* If you write more than 100 characters, the chance of winning increases!

About Event

Duration: 12/26/22 - 12/30/22
Winner Announcement: 1/3/23 (20 Winners)

**** 𝙐𝙎 𝘽𝙖𝙨𝙚𝙙 𝙊𝙣𝙡𝙮 *****


Elaina Vaughan/ Lulu/ Jana/ a.tan/ Sarah/ Momo H/ Olga/ Celine/ Miki/ az/ Karina/ Phan/ Elsie Hutchings/ Alex/ Lyn/ Valeria/ Annie/ Tiffany/ Mari/ Ivy Yi

Andi said:

It’s been years since I’ve worn makeup. After the pandemic started, I found it hard to wear foundation while masking. Naturally matte foundations transfer the least. But I hate matte foundations! My favorite finish in a foundation has always been sheer and glow.

So at first I tried foundations that were supposed to be matte and transfer proof. However they all broke down under my mask and made my makeup look cakey and thick. I very quickly gave up and accepted due to the circumstances, I just could not wear makeup anymore. It seemed that makeup companies agreed with me and mostly released matte foundations and cushions. Because of the pandemic a lot changed. Things that were way more serious than not wearing makeup. But I won’t lie, a part of me is kind of sad when I get ready in the morning without doing my makeup. I miss it.

Seeing this new sheer glow cushion announced made me so excited. It reminded me that while the pandemic is not over, maybe I can go back to enjoying at least one thing I used to love before it started…glowy fresh makeup! I’m super excited for this trend to return. I’m also very happy to see rom&nd usa be more active this year. I’ve already bought a few items from Amazon!

rom&nd always is at the forefront of trends with their excellent color palette. Looking forward to new releases in 2023 and beyond!

Celine said:

I’m excited for the launch of the new bare water cushion! I’ve always been a fan of ROM&ND’s lip and eyeshadow products and would love to try out their cushions! It is also their first vegan line which is amazing to see more korean brands adopting. I think this cushion would be perfect for the dry and cold winter with its hydrating and dewy finish. I love the simplistic packaging as well – the color fits well with the theme. The videos show the cushion to be lightweight and non-sticky which is exactly what I want from a cushion foundation. It also looks easy to layer with other makeup products. I can’t wait for January and the release of the new ROM&ND vegan line!

Lauren said:

I can’t wait to try! I’ve heard amazing things about this brand. I’m obsessed with K beauty. I am looking forward to receiving this for review. I love trying new things and sharing my thoughts. Looking forward to the opportunity.

Sarah said:

Omg!!! How freaking exciting!! I love Rom&nd makeup products so much and this new product looks so so amazing!! I LOVE the dewy, hydrated, moisturized look and this looks like a dewy skin girls best friend!! What a dream cushion!! Wow!! I would be completely overjoyed to have the opportunity to try out this cushion!! Right now I’m on a mission to get ALL of the lipsticks and everything else I can get my hands on. This isn’t just my favorite K-Beauty brand, it is THE K-Beauty brand!! Thank you for the giving me a chance to be able to try this new product! I would scream with excitement if I was selected! Have a great day!!! 💙💙💙💙

Nayeon Kim said:

I CANT WAIT FOR THIS!!! I watched the video on Saerom Min’s channel and I was waiting for this cushion and the glasting lip balms to come out. I hope romand sells the glasting lip balms in us sometime soon because they are really popular in korea right now and they’ve been sold out for like a month… Anyways I heard this cushion gives you lots of moist and leaves a glowy finish which is my favorite! I hate having dry skin so this cushion would be perfect for me 😄 my mom also wants to try out a cushion that makes your skin glowy so we are both waiting. Also this cushion is vegan wow- vegan, clean beauty is really big in us and I’m glad romand made one and hope they make more vegan products. I REALLY HOPE I win this giveaway as well and thank you romand for making wonderful products.

Audrey said:

Rom and ND has been my go to for lip products and eyeshadow these days. I can’t wait to see what this the new cushion will do!

Kelly said:

I love romand products! Their tints are amazing and the colors they put out are so unique and pretty. Bare grape is such a pretty cool tone tint. I’ve seen videos about the bare water cushion and I’ve heard great things! I love the natural and dewy finish it leaves. The mesh also looks like it deposits the product really thin and evenly on the puff. The packaging is also so pretty! The blue color is perfect :) I can’t wait to try it! The shade range looks good

Emma said:

I love the products that rom&nd comes out with — especially the glasting water tint! That lip tint is always my go-to lip tint and I always get compliments on the color. I also love how buildable that product is and its honestly my holy grail for lips. I’d love to try the cushion since I’m trying to get more into k-beauty and skincare. I’ve been switching over a lot of my makeup essentials to Korean branded ones and I can definitely tell the difference in quality between them. I also love how this is a hydrating cushion. I’ve been looking to switch out my foundation because it dries out a lot and looks horrible on some of the dryer parts of my skin but I wasn’t completely sure what I should switch to so I’d love to see how the Bare Water Cushion can make my skin look and feel so much better throughout the day compared to what I currently use. I’m also really excited to try out a cushion for the first time, I’ve always wanted to try it but I have not been able to yet. I’d also like to try and get the Korean glass skin effect that everyone gets! I currently try to get it with a dewy setting spray, but I feel like it definitely does not give the same effect that others are able to get. Overall I’m really excited for this product and the things it could do for my skin and I would love to be able to test it and learn how to use it! Thank you rom&nd for the event and good luck to everyone else!

Katie Moeser said:

My dad and my grandmother died this year and my depression was worse than it has ever been. I am turning 45 next week and have taken pristine care of my skin my entire life until this year and I was too tired to do my routine. I am LOVING the prospect of this product. The one thing I have noticed since I got depressed is the glow went out of my skin. I started to look tired all the time. Sallow. And I have never been someone to use tons of makeup. Not only is this product looking sleek and designed beautifully I am completely Intrigued how it could fit into the new mental health and physical health plan I am starting in January. I think that a more moisturizer glowy glassy appearance is just what I need. And for someone who is still depressed the fact that it is portable and in a cushion. Wow. I am able to care for myself again and have maximum results with minimum effort. I think it’s pretty beautiful that K beauty seems to be inclusive of women of all ages. I have been dreading turning 45 and I would love for my skin to mimick the glow of how it was in my 30s. I am working hard for my insides to shine, to be well taken care of, to be their best and I expect that this product would get my skin on the path to reflect that change I feel inside. So people can see the spark back in my skin and on my face that I once had. I would really love to be one of the first to try it. Thanks so much for this opportunity

Lyn said:

I really love rom&nd! The first time I heard about them was about their eyeshadows and then from then on I saw all their products. All their products are eye catching and I’d love to own them all! I cannot wait for this as my skin needs hydration-it’s also vegan! Their lip tints have to be my favorite of all time and rom&nd is my favorite korean brand! And although I don’t own a lot of rom&nd and have never bought from the site directly I can grant that they never disappoint me! Cannot wait to get this and achieve that hydrating glowing youthful look and also excited to try my first cushion makeup product.

Ariel said:

OMG!! A new product to try xD. As always i know this cushion is going to be excellent for that light weight but good coverage that we all need! Hydration is the key for a good skin, not matter the skin type you have. Im really happy to see that even the makeup has the key ingredients of skincare, that guarantees that my skin is going to be healthy even tho i have makeup on!
I hope they have my skin tone🙏🏻.

Kristy Conklin said:

I’d love to try this!

Ari said:

I’m using New Zero Cushion, but I was looking for a cushion to use in the winter. Bare water cushion I’m excited because I think I’ll be able to use it moistly this winter. Even looking at the package, I can feel the moisture.

Yuri said:

I have been a huge fan of rom&nd and all their types of makeup products from cushions, lip tints, blushes or even eyeshadow palettes. I love the concept of the brand as well as what they strive for. They make great quality products with beautiful packaging.

I would love to try this cushion being I never tried a mesh type cushion before and while I am a combo skin type my skin has been looking for a hydrating and moisturizing cushion to use during these cold winter months.

I have seen multiple of my favorite YouTubers have great experiences with this cushions and I am intrigued to buy and purchase it myself.

To excite this product I must say, the packaging is gorgeous and clean. The coverage looks even and glowy and the compatibility of this product is perfect for all skin types. Even with oily skin, hydrating the skin is important And who doesn’t love the super dewy glow finish that makes your skin look super soft and juicy!

I can tell just like the clear cover and zero cushions from rom&nd this one will be successful as well! 💦💗

Ellie said:

The first time I heard about rom&nd was through the YouTube channel, Saerom Min. I am a total beginner at makeup and I was trying to learn more about it through tutorials and makeup product suggestions/reviews. I came across Saerom Min’s videos and I loved the way she explained things so clearly and how good her makeup looked. She used so many rom&nd products and made several videos fully dedicated to their products. Obviously I had to order them myself and the first makeup products I ever bought were from your brand! I’ve loved every single rom&nd product I’ve ever bought and I’m excited to try even more from y’all! I’m a very broke student so I’d love to be able to have such a good product for free lol :)) Also I haven’t yet tried cushion foundations and I’m really excited to be able to use one for the first time. I know for sure that rom&nd’s new bare water cushion would make my experience a good one! It’s so cool that rom&nd does these types of giveaways, I haven’t seen other Korean brands do these types of things (but again I’m not that educated about makeup lol). Thank you for the team from rom&nd for putting this together and giving us customers a chance at winning a the bare water cushion for free!!

Catherine said:

My skin has been struggling for a while, and this cushion may be just the thing I need to get the glass skin I’ve always wanted. I’ve been buying a lot of rom&nd products lately, such as the Better Than and Milk Grocery series as well as the Pebble Nail polishes. I’m in love with them all!! The colours are so gorgeous and the packaging looks just as good. I have yet to try any skincare from the brand and would love for the Bare Water Cushion to be the first one <3

Alex said:

I love romand and have been looking for a hydrating cushion so this is perfect! I recently got in to makeup and every product I own so far is romand.

I have combo skin in the winter time so I’m interested to see how this product will suit my skin! I also have acne prone skin but I am sure the product will be breathable and also have full enough coverage to cover up any acne or hyper pigmentation. I am curious to see how hydrating this will be on my skin in addition to my hydration focused skin care routine.

I have also never tried cushion products before. I think the cushion application will be convenient and make for easy clean up. I am also glad this formula will be vegan! I like that romand is conscious of this, it makes me very happy!

I really hope I get chosen for this event. Thank you so much for considering me and for hosting this!!

Gisela said:

I’m in love with rom&nds lip products and can’t help but buy from every new collection. I also have a collection of better than eyes palettes and use them for my daily eye make up! The formula of the glitters is amazing and I have yet to find another comparable brand. While I have not tried any of the rom&nd cushions, I’m on the hunt for the perfect cushion to give me that glass skin effect and I think this bare water cushion will be perfect!

Gisela said:

I’m in love with rom&nds lip products and can’t help but buy from every new collection. I also have a collection of better than eyes palettes and use them for my daily eye make up! The formula of the glitters is amazing and I have yet to find another comparable brand. While I have not tried any of the rom&nd cushions, I’m on the hunt for the perfect cushion to give me that glass skin effect and I think this bare water cushion will be perfect!

Gisela said:

I’m in love with rom&nds lip products and can’t help but buy from every new collection. I also have a collection of better than eyes palettes and use them for my daily eye make up! The formula of the glitters is amazing and I have yet to find another comparable brand. While I have not tried any of the rom&nd cushions, I’m on the hunt for the perfect cushion to give me that glass skin effect and I think this bare water cushion will be perfect!

Ashley Chen said:

Romand is one of my fave beauty brands!! I’m so excited for this new product. I own one of the cushions and it’s my absolute favorite. I’ve tried many foundations before but Romand never fails to disappoint. It is so easy to apply and makes my skin look really nice. I expect this new cushion to have similar features such as a dewy skin look. I also think it will feel light on the skin while giving a medium/decent coverage. I’m so so excited to try this new cushion!!

Seher said:

Thank you for this event. I’m so excited for the bare water cushion. I have tried other brands cushion this year but the shades are either too light or doesn’t match my skin tone but I love that it have more shades than other brands have. I hope I can get the chance to try it. 💙

Cindy said:

I LOVE love love all rom&nd products and own a rainbow of lip shades! When I first heard of the bare water cushion, the blue packaging, the concept, and the fact that it is vegan, made me want to buy it immediately. Can’t wait for it to officially release in January!! Would love it if I could be chosen!!

Isabela said:

hi I’m a big fan i hope i can win alllll of the products soon, love you all!💗💗💗

mafe said:

holaaaa me gusta mucho la base y ron&nd es muy bonito todo

Flo said:

Oh my goodness I am genuinely so excited to hear that there is a bare water cushion coming out!!! I am such a sucker for the dewy and glowy clear skin look and it feels like Rom&nd has read my mind. 🥰🥰 I have sensitive skin and a low budget, so finding cushions has always been a struggle for me but I’ve really wanted to try them! The more I discover about Rom&nd products, the more I am obsessed them!! The bare water cushion seems like such a great way of keeping the skin moisturized and looking healthy and flawless and I’m in love❣️🥳❤️

Flo said:

Oh my goodness I am genuinely so excited to hear that there is a bare water cushion coming out!!! I am such a sucker for the dewy and glowy clear skin look and it feels like Rom&nd has read my mind. 🥰🥰 I have sensitive skin and a low budget, so finding cushions has always been a struggle for me but I’ve really wanted to try them! The more I discover about Rom&nd products, the more I am obsessed them!! The bare water cushion seems like such a great way of keeping the skin moisturized and looking healthy and flawless and I’m in love❣️🥳❤️

Flo said:

Oh my goodness I am genuinely so excited to hear that there is a bare water cushion coming out!!! I am such a sucker for the dewy and glowy clear skin look and it feels like Rom&nd has read my mind. 🥰🥰 I have sensitive skin and a low budget, so finding cushions has always been a struggle for me but I’ve really wanted to try them! The more I discover about Rom&nd products, the more I am obsessed them!! The bare water cushion seems like such a great way of keeping the skin moisturized and looking healthy and flawless and I’m in love❣️🥳❤️

zani said:



My skin seriously needs a moisture boost, I have marks on my face and I don’t like wearing too much foundation so this cushion is perfect for me because it’s light but super MOISTURIZING that my skin will look healthy!!! I LOVEEE the glass skin look on my face and I can easily wear this everyday, I love natural makeup looks to school, I use rom&nds makeup everyday! i wear bare tint in 23 nucadamia everyday because it’s the perfect nudy mlbb shade, if I pair that with the bare water cushion it’ll become a superior staple for me. I really love rom&nds products for my skin because they feel so safe and reliable!! i know this will make my skin look radiant and dewy which I really want, this cushion is great for any season but a plus for the winter time because skin can get dry. I am extremely happy that this is finally releasing in the US, I’m looking forward to January and hopefully get to add this product in my routine!! That chok chok glass feel is seriously the best and I know rom&nds bare water cushion will do it best!!!!!!!!


🪞 🪞🪞🪞🪞🪞🪞🪞🪞🪞🪞🪞🪞🪞🪞

Anjali said:

People have posted long comments with so many expectations that I am overwhelmed. I have only two expectation. 1. It doesn’t feel heavy
2. Match my skin tone. Rest of its performance can be enhanced by using it in combination of other products.

Duy said:

So I’m the younger brother of my older sister, and she has been pestering me to enter this contest. So here I am, but she doesn’t know that I’m entering, so it’s a surprise. However, as a boy, I don’t know that much about makeup, but from listening to my sister talking about it over and over again, I heard that it is very good for the skin and “dewy”? If I win, it would be a nice surprise for my sister as her birthday is also coming up. So cross my fingers!! 🤞🤞🤞

Suha Aman said:

The main things I’m hoping to get out of this product is how well it blends in with my skin tone (color and blending ability) and how my skin reacts (I’m hoping this product doesn’t trigger my skin and doesn’t cause acne, etc.) i usually have oily skin but now with winter coming I’ve been struggling with dry skin. I’m hoping this helps me and I also hope the shade range is big to fit everyone’s color!! Can’t wait for the release as most of the products I got from you guys have been remarkable!!

a.tan said:


I have been patiently waiting for the Bare Water Cushion to release in the USA and it’s finally almost here!! I’m expecting this cushion to be EXTRAAAA MOIST and make my skin look like it’s glass!!! I’m so excited that I’m cheering up and down!! I use rom&nd products every single day, going to school, going to gatherings, EVERRYWHERE!! The Bare Water Cushion seems so delicate and light that it will end up becoming an everyday staple! I’m seriously so in love with rom&nds products, and this was one that I was super super excited for. A cushion that adds glow to your skin and makes it look healthy?? YES PLEASE!!!! So moisturizing and a cushion that is a must for everyone, seriously!! Thank you for releasing this product, I’m super excited !! 🥳🥳


Hayley said:

This season has been so cold and my skin has been drying out! Recently I ran out of my moisturizer so having a moisturizer cushion for the best dewy look is a must! It’ll be perfect for on-the-go moisturizer and I can easily put it in my bag or my backpack on the go! Since I’m an art student as well, usually I have to wear masks or other methods of protection for my face to avoid any contact with uncomfortable substances. I think this will be a perfect way to keep my face moisturized to avoid having my face breaking out!! Once again, I’m super excited for this launch!! Good luck everyone ^^

Nancy Contreras said:

I love the brand, I have inks and shadows, however, I still don’t try a cushion, I would love to try this new release

Phuong said:

Oh my goodness, I have been waiting for this day!! The struggle to find a foundation that is compatible with my skin-type has been tremendously strenuous. My family and friends know how much I love Rom&nd products as they’re very moisturizing and their packaging is also very cute. They would always get their products as gifts for me, however since Christmas is over, I don’t think I can wait a whole year to try out this cushion out. That’s why I’m entering this contest for a chance to win! And I really love how it is skincare-based with 70% essence. I also love the fact that it is vegan and animal-cruelty free!

Jana said:

I’ve been a fan of rom&nd products for a while now. I’ve always been the type to be hesitant about trying out makeup because I felt that it wouldn’t have an effect on me. However seeing multiple videos about rom&nd products I decided to give it a shot and buy a lip tint. It changed my whole perspective on makeup and how to love the features I already have. I ventured out through a log of kbeaty products but my rom&nd was always closer to my heart for not only how great the products work, but also how impactful this was on my self love journey.
So far I’ve bought 3 lip products, one mascara, and their eye glitter palette. I’ve been wanting to buy a face cushion for a long time but can never find anything in my skin tone or something with a natural finish. However, based on the reviews I’ve seen of rom&nd’s other cushions I see how that dewy natural effect is achieved, and I believe that this clear cushion will even boost that effect!! This also looks super hydrating which would be great for the hot and dry climate of where I live!!
🫶🫶-I cant wait to see this new product in action, and to anyone else searching through the comments wondering if they should invest in rom&nd products, I HIGHLY recommend this brand for anyone. Their products come in so much variety, they are VERY pigmented, they are VERY long lasting, and they have a great shade range with all the colors I had been looking for in a brand (as another bonus, they’re packaging is very aesthetic and visually pleasing while being sleek, portable, and accessible at all times!) I truly have lots of love for this brand 💖💖 ( ´ ▽ ` ).。o♡

Zakira Smith said:

I have been using rom&nd for so long now, best makeup brand out there. I have been wanting a cushion lately, so I’m very excited about this launch!!! You guys have the best of everything, so I’m more than sure this is gonna be great too. Thanks for helping me glow up. You guys outdid yourselves. Anyways goodluck to anyone who enters, and thank you so much rom&nd!! Can’t wait for this to release!

Lulu said:

I absolutely love the concept behind this cushion! As someone who’s interested in Korean makeup, this cushion has me intrigued to use. It has 70% essence which I know will target the skin. I mean, how much more would you want from that? It’ll give the skin TONS of moisture which is exactly what I want in a makeup routine or product. It’s so important to take care of the skin because it’s a fundamental organ of the human body and having ingredients to help take care of it is amazing! It’s impressive of Rom&nd to take this approach behind their latest launch and is something I support and applaud for! Additionally, the packaging of this cushion is so cute! I love the color scheme and how beautiful it matches the concept of winter. The blue is eye catching and I’m pretty sure the formulation is just as impressive. I for sure hope I get the opportunity to try this because I know this cushion won’t disappoint!

Anh said:

My younger sister is currently studying abroad in Japan, and recently bought this cushion and she can not stop talking about it. The day she received it, she immediately video-called me and tried it out on camera. The thing is, my sister is very particular with her foundation formula because she has sensitive skin, so hearing her comments and excitement through the call made me also interested in purchasing the cushion. She told me the best parts about this cushion was that it is 70% essence, vegan, and a skincare forward product which I am obsessively in love with skincare. Afterwards I did some research myself and the cushion looks really outstanding! I would love to try it out myself, so I really can’t wait for it to be released in the US!!

Julie said:

I am very excited for the Bare Water Cushion launch! I am a master Esthetician of 26 years and love Romand lip tints and would love to try more from the brand. I have really enjoyed the lip tints & nail polishes I have tried. I am a big advocate of natural makeup Nd love how Romand products enhances natural beauty. I really love that this new cushion contains 70% essence gel because I love makeup products that are skin care forward. It would be such an honor to try this new cushion and have the opportunity to try this “my skin but better” cushion.

Evelyn Prado Gonzalez said:

I’m really excited for this product. I’ve always wanted to try a cushion foundation. But it’s really hard to choose which kind would be best for my skin but when reading a bit on this product, it’s looks like it would be very hydrating and would be skin-like. Also the shades look very promising. From romand, I’ve only tried a lasting water tint in dark coconut and I love it. It so nice and makes my lips very juicy. The color is not too overbearing and is buildable. So from my experience with a romand product, I feel likes it going to be good. Back to the cushion, I read that this product will be 70% derived from essence so it’s nice too know that it has skincare benefits. I’m a big fan of natural makeup and I think this product would become a staple in my makeup routine. Also again I love that it not only is enhancing your skin but also it’s nourishing.

Hong Nguyen said:

I remember buying rom&nd products when they first started launching their items on Yesstyle and I instantly fell in love with their lip tints because it was very moisturizing for a person with sensitive and dry skin. I have tried several cushion foundations from other brands, but every time it would make my face look cakey. So when I heard that this cushion was being launched in Korea, I was really excited because not only is it vegan, but it also has 70% essence which I think would do wonders with my skin type. I really wanted to buy it as soon as it released, but unfortunately because I live overseas I have wait. Therefore, upon hearing about this contest, it only increases my excitement and whether if I win or not does, I would still buy the cushion once it’s available for international purchasing!! Thank you!

Sumiea Laskar said:

I am so excited to try this new product. Honestly Romand products can never disappoint. I just recently bought the glasting lip gloss and ive never fell in love with a product so quickly. Everything is just advertised so well and the products are so worth the money too. I would love to be able to try the new cushion product. I havent been able to find any cushion products that seem like they match my skin tone so im hoping that something from Romand will match my skin tone!!!!

Kay said:

I’ve seen this product on Romand’s Korean Instagram and it always looks so nice and dewy. My skin type is dry skin so I’m excited to try, especially since Romand has never disappointed me with their lip tint and eyeshadow palette products. I do not usually wear heavy foundation of concealer makeup either, so I think this light and moist formula will be super perfect for my skin.

Angel Cabang said:

I can always rely on rom&nd to have the BEST products out there, and so seeing this makes me SO EXCITED to try it out! I’ve always been pretty into makeup and product, but more recently I’ve been getting more and more into taking care of my skin better and so this feels like the best of both worlds. I personally also found out how dry my skin actually is, and so putting on other foundations on dry patches is not the move, so learning about the hydration aspect of this product means I can nourish my skin while also giving it a nice and healthy glow!! Can’t wait to try it out and level up my makeup AND skincare :D

Long H said:

💙 So excited for this new cushion to be release! First thing that caught my eye is the beautiful blue coat design of the cushion💧Romand is always a brand that I trust when come to makeup, therefore I do have high hope on this new water cushion. I expect that the cushion should have middle to high coverage but lightweight and be long lasting throughout the day. It would be a plus if it leaves the skin hydrating and moisturizing after apply 💦 💦💦 Hope that this cushion will help get me a glassy skin 🪞

Rosie P said:

I have yet to try their new cushion for hydrating and glass skin effect! The product looks promising especially for my dry skin! Rom&nd is one of my fave Korean brand!!

Mari Hur said:

I really want this cushion!!! I tend to have combination skin (my nose will be very oily but still have dry patches) and I feel like my foundations never do much to change that for me. However, this foundation looks very hydrating from the videos alone. I’ve also been using matte makeup for a long time and I want to switch it up. The cushion itself also seems very simple and easy – meaning I won’t have to press very hard for a small amount of pigment. The hyaluronic acid and SPF are a plus. I’m a new fan of Rom&nd but I’m glad I became a fan sooner than never!! I recently bought a bunch of their lip tints and I’m in love with every single one of them. Even if I don’t win, I’m sure I will try this cushion at least once!

Makayla Mercado said:

I can always count on Romand’s products to leave me feeling hydrated and look stunning! I’m very thrilled to have heard about this launch because I’m someone who struggles with dry skin and eczema on top of that. To have a cushion foundation with a dewy finish, I’d be honored and I trust that Romand will continue to leave me glistening without looking and feeling flaky. I currently own most of their lip products and blush so I’d love to complete my face with a cushion foundation. Keep up the good work!

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